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Care of Children


The safety and welfare of children is the most fundamental part of our school. Safeguarding children is everybody's responsibility in our school and all staff members take this part of their job very seriously. We aim to offer a secure and encouraging environment where children’s spiritual, moral and cultural development is enhanced through delivery of the curriculum and through our PSHE programme in particular.

With the exception of break and lunchtime, each member of staff is responsible for the care of children in their class. Members of staff share responsibility for the care of children at breaktimes and lunchtimes. When accidents occur they are dealt with by a member of the school staff in the first instance. If further action is required parents will be contacted. Should you have any worries or concerns about your child in school you should contact your child’s teacher in the first instance. The Headteacher is also available to discuss any more serious concerns.


Child Protection


Parents should be aware that the school is required to take any reasonable action to safeguard its pupils. In cases where the school has reason to be concerned that a child may be subject to ill- treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, the Headteacher is obliged to follow the Child Protection procedures established by the Derbyshire Area Child Protection Committee and inform the Social Services of the concern.

When the school refers a concern about a child to the Social Services Department, it is not accusing the parents of abuse but requesting that further investigation takes place to establish whether a child is at risk. 

CPOMS is used by all members of staff to record any safeguarding or pastoral concerns.



Health & Safety


The Health & Safety leader makes regular inspections together with a designated member of the Governing Body. Reports are made to the Headteacher who ensures any necessary action is taken. The school complies with all national and local Health & Safety Regulations. 

Any volunteers or new members of staff have to have an induction with the Headteacher discuss safeguarding within school and their responsibilities. All staff and volunteers are kept up to date with any recent changes or any new documents. 

  • The Designated Safeguarding Lead is: Andrea Tomlinson
  • The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Isobel Board, Sarah O'Reilly and Hayley Khaira
  •  The Designated Lead for CIC (Looked after children) is: Andrea Tomlinson
  • The Designated Lead for Anti- Bullying is: Isobel Board
  • The Designated Lead for E-safety is: Isobel Board
  • The Designated Link Governor for Safeguarding is: Nell Wakerley
  • The Designated link Governor for Anti- Bullying is: Nell Wakerley
  •  The Designated link Governor for Looked after Children (Child in Care) is: Nell Wakerley



Important Contact Details

Starting Point (For all Safeguarding Concern)
Telephone: 01629 533 190


Out of hours Call Derbyshire (Children’s /Young Peoples and Adult Social Care)

Telephone: 01629 533190


Police Central Referral Unit

Butterley Hall




Telephone: 0300 122 8719


NSPCC - National Helpline

0808 800 5000



0800 11 11



Child Protection Manager Schools/Educational Settings Derbyshire

Debbie Peacock 01629 531079  


Derbyshire County Council Child Protection/Safeguarding Team

Telephone: 01629 532178


Derbyshire Police 101- can route non urgent referrals through to the PREVENT Team


Children’s Social Care (single point of Contact- Starting Point)

Telephone: 01629 5319930

 Seamus Carroll is the lead officer for Prevent at Derbyshire County Council Telephone 01629 538494 or 07771 980107