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Various interventions take place in our schools, delivered by highly skilled teachers and teaching assistants across our federation.


These are usually delivered in small groups or on a 1:1 basis.  Interventions are based on the needs of the individual children and are evaluated by the person delivering the intervention, the class teacher and the SENco.  Some of the interventions we are currently running are:


  • Motor skill sessions (Gross and Fine)
  • Speech and Language (as advised by Speech and Language therapists)
  • Writing
  • Maths
  • Reading
  • IDL 
  • Lego Therapy
  • Memory Skills
  • Starving the Anger Gremlin
  • Starving the Anxiety Gremlin
  • Decompression time
  • 1:1 Reading
  • Beat Dyslexia
  • Nurture & Positive Play
  • Friendship groups
  • 1st Class at Number
  • Understanding Self (helping children to understand their strengths, weaknesses and where appropriate their own diagnosis)
  • Derbyshire Behaviour Box


If your child is identified as having a special educational need, Our SENco will:

  • Ensure that the right support is put in place;
  • Offer advice and guidance to other teachers and teaching assistant about how to best help  each child;
  • Arrange any training that staff may need
  • Work closely with parents and professionals.

If a child's needs are very complex and/or severe, we may ask for an Educational, Health and Care Assessment.  This is a very detailed process and is only appropriate for a small number of children.