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Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years at The Woodland Federation of Peak District Schools


We recognise the vital role that the Early Years Foundation Stage plays in children's learning journeys and plan activities to enable our children to flourish and progress from their different starting points. Our staff use small steps progressive planning and tracking to help the children to make progress. Any gaps are identified and quickly acted upon. 


Some children join us in Nursery, the term after they turn three, some join us in Reception and some join us anywhere in between.


We plan according to children's stage of development and aim for our children to be indepdent, resilient problem solvers by the time they join Key Stage 1 when they are five. 


Our indoor and outdoor learning environment is carefully set up to allow for a balance of child led play and adult led activities. During adult led sessions, we aim to develop the children's language and vocabulary through the use of modelling language and careful questioning. Our activities allow children to explore things, be creative and adventurous. 




Our Fabulous EYFS Environment